What Exactly Is Frame Damage?

Auto accidents happen roughly every ten minutes depending on the area in which you live. With the high rate of accidents throughout many cities, you’ve likely heard the term frame damage. But what exactly is frame damage and how does it affect your vehicle? 

Frame Damage 

The frame of the vehicle holds the body and all the various parts together. Most vehicles have a steel frame making them difficult to damage. The vehicle’s frame is essential to safe driving. Some vehicles have a unibody frame where the body and frame are all connected especially for cars. When an accident happens, frame damage is a possibility if hit in a critical part. The frame can shift, bend and crack. Damage to the frame can affect many other areas of the vehicle making it unsafe to drive. Frame straightening Lakewood CO may be an option for some vehicles. 

Spotting Damage 

Frame damage after an accident isn’t always easy to notice which is why many frame-damaged vehicles end up back on the road. Improperly closing or opening windows, doors, hoods and trunks can all indicate frame damage. Even replacing those key pieces can signal a larger issue with the frame itself. 

Unibody Repair 

Many modern cars have a unibody frame making repair a solution in many cases. The unibody frame allows the vehicle to hold up well in an accident but often results in damage to both body and frame. The repair is easier than steel frames in older vehicles. Damaged sections of a unibody frame can be replaced while leaving the undamaged pieces alone. 

Auto Insurance 

Frame damage may result in a total loss for the insurance company. If so, you can choose to purchase the vehicle at a discount if you don’t already own it and repair the frame yourself often at less of a cost than purchasing a new vehicle. Not all insurance companies consider frame damage a total loss. If you are in an auto accident, wait and see what the insurance company says before making any decisions.