Types of Laser Cutting Machines

This time I will provide some information about the types / types of laser cutting machines. Actually there are lots of machines that use lasers, but this time I only give a few machines commonly used by industries.

Laser Cutting is a technology that uses laser beams to cut desired material and is usually applied to the manufacturing industry. Laser cutting works by directing high-power laser beams to cut material and use the computer to direct it. Examples such as LC1325M, LC 1390S, LC1313.

These are the 3 types of Laser Cutting itself, namely:

  • 1.The CO2 laser, for this type, is more suitable for cutting, drilling, and carving a material barrier. If you want to cut, sculpt, engraving, etc. You are strongly advised to use the type of CO2
  • 2. Neodynium (Nd), this type is usually used to drill using large energy but requires a very minimal knock.
  • 3. Neodymium yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet (Nd-YAG), used for cutting, drilling, an engraving that requires very large energy.

And not to forget, the three types of their laser marking systems above can also be used to weld materials/materials used. Materials that can be used for the types of Laser Cutting above are all the same, such as acrylic, aluminum, leather, wood, paper, etc.

While in Laser Engraving there are also 2 types, namely Vector Engraving, and Raster Engraving. Vector Engraving is the process of etching or scratching on the surface of a material using a laser beam to produce a striped pattern. Whereas Raster Engraving is a process that will produce high gradient images and varying sharpness of images. Depending on the material we are going to use, which is between 45 dpi to 1200 dpi. All that depends on the tastes of the users or their respective makers. For more information about laser cutting, you can watch these video.

And do not forget, if the material to be used is classified as large or thick, then use a powerful engine, and vice versa. Do not even use thick material with a small engine, so the results are not perfect or maximum.