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Business Messaging: How it Affects Business Growth

The use of mobile phones and applications is slowly taking over various operations in all the industries today. After a research was done to predict the growth of mobile marketing, it revealed that in a few years to come, it will equal and surpass internet marketing due to a number of factors. 5 billion people own mobile phones, and the numbers are increasing each day with a large percentage acquiring smartphones. Accordingly, messaging has the ability to reach all the 5 billion individuals whereas the internet will only be accessed by a half of this.

While assessing the advantages of mobile messaging, it is impossible to not note is the cheapness of the entire process. Hard to miss is also the fact that it ensures instant deliverability. Unlike other methods of passing information, SMS is quite fast and it ensures deliverability within a few seconds to all the subscribers in the selected list. However, a business that wishes to use it as its communication tool must ensure that it has a large list of clients or telephone numbers to message.

Business SMS marketing is also remarkable for being a flexible platform. For instance, a client can select to either send a handful messages to a selected group or to the entire group depending on the kind of message being sent. When businesses communicate about new offers to clients via SMS, they are guaranteed of increased sales since 90 percent of the messaged clients will read the message, but you can never be sure who will act upon a television or internet advert.

Compared to other modern methods of marketing or communicating information such as the use of emails, SMS marketing has a higher open rate. There are not many individuals who snub text messages on their phones. As a result, there is a higher rate of subscriber action when using SMS platforms. In a point of fact, different surveys are conducted by businesses and other companies via SMS, and they get feedback from over half of the messaged list.

There is a general pattern of consumer psychology when it comes to reacting to promotional or informative message from companies. Typically, consumers snub long television adverts, and they do the same when they receive long promotion or informative emails from companies. With SMS platforms, businesses get limited length of characters to use, and this is beneficial since they have to compose clear and short messages that will interest the clients. That said, businesses that are goal oriented should note that SMS is an extremely powerful tool that has been tested and proven to be ideal for communicating with customers.

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