Neglected Reality Behind Profession

We have a pretty interesting relationship with truck drivers around the World. Of course, few of us really know them. Often we just recognize the truck driver as a funny slogan or picture behind their truck like “I wait for your window,” or “want to go home shy, don’t come home miss,” which often entertains us on a long journey. But actually, there is much we can learn from the life of a truck driver more than just slogans exposed to their trucks.


In fact, being a truck driver must have motivation. Drivers must travel very long, usually intercity, alone. If not because they want to do it and are happy to do it, of course, they will not endure this job, which is often the case in this industry.

Many drivers who have done this work then realize that being a truck driver is a very challenging job. Because to drive several types of trucks, the drivers must master a manual transmission that has 6 to 12 teeth. They are also required to have a special license to drive a truck.

These drivers remain steadfast in carrying out their duties and as if they have never been tired or complaining about finding Trucking jobs. This spirit with steel spirit is an important lesson that we can learn from the life of a truck driver. They remain persistent in carrying out their work even though in general their income is not equivalent to the risk faced. Of course, applying the same spirit in our lives will create a very positive change.


Drivers usually work long hours and tend to be erratic. Their long working hours and trips tend to make them seldom go home to meet the family, a sentiment that they often express with writing and pictures on their trucks. One day they can be assigned to send goods to Yogyakarta, and maybe the next day to Denpasar, this job tends to be erratic and requires them to wade through very long and winding trips. Travel through small corners is no stranger to them, crossing highways and small roads that tend to be poor. At the same time, they also have to maintain the condition of their trucks to remain prime, if something goes wrong they must always be ready to overcome them.

The truck driver’s job teaches us to be patient in living our work and life. In a constant world, sometimes we need to train ourselves to be patient and reduce our dependence on instant gratification. Truck drivers show us dedication and patience at work, they know that no results will not come for free and require struggle.


We often only point out that truck drivers drive recklessly and damage the road, but we do not try to see from their point of view. Like us, they only make a living, traveling long, isolated, and rarely meeting families. The drivers have sacrificed very much, and their contribution is very important for the survival of our lives and our business, but we rarely give proper appreciation.

We need to realize that without truck drivers who distribute all our needs, the economy will stagnate, development will slow down, and people will starve. In fact, we are very dependent on them to bring various crops such as fruits, vegetables, rice, clothing and board needs, to our electronics and vehicles. But thanks is rarely heard. Even so, with their distinctive humor, they persevere in carrying out their duties and delivering all our needs.

The general perception is a reflection of ourselves as individuals. Changing these general perceptions is not easy, so it must start with ourselves. They never ask for it, but they deserve our appreciation and thanks, with this we can take the first step in changing our perception of truck drivers.