How to choose a Good Auto Mechanic

Most people will tell you to read Yelp reviewers, browse rating websites, or look for some types of certifications. While these are great pieces of advice, they aren’t complete. Affiliations and certifications are a great indication, but it is essential to know that some of the ‘highly qualified’ auto mechanics don’t take these tests.

Besides, ‘highly qualified’ isn’t always an indicator of honesty and great customer service. Therefore, crooks can undertake tests, pass with flying colors, and that doesn’t mean they are professionals. If you are looking for Ferrari and Maserati master technicians, you need to choose wisely like you would when finding a trusted doctor. Here are some tips to help you choose the right auto mechanic.

1. Do your homework

It is important to do research before your vehicle breaks down and you’re in a rush to get it repaired. You shouldn’t wait until you are already sick to find a good healthcare provider, don’t you? Consider making some calls and perform labor rates comparison. Keep in mind that a cheaper rate isn’t a sign of excellent service or honesty.

On the other hand, higher rates don’t always mean competence. Therefore, do research and find an auto mechanic who offers excellent services at an affordable price. Keep in mind that a mechanic who charges higher rates for superior services than those offering substandard services at low prices.

2. Confidence is key

Choose a vehicle repair shop that inspires you with confidence. Use Google street view or visit the car repair shop to find out what it looks like. The last thing you want is to get your vehicle repaired by an inexperienced mechanic in a sketchy garage with irrelevant tools.

3. Try it first

Take your vehicle in for minor regular maintenance tasks and probably oil change. Remember, the first time you go to a car repair shop needs to be a great experience. You shouldn’t be afraid of watching the technician handle your vehicle. In case they don’t allow you to watch, don’t visit their shop again.

4. Remember, the doctor knows best

In case extra care is required for your car, the technician should explain clearly and point out the exact issue that needs to be fixed and an issue that can wait a little bit longer. It is also important to watch out for mechanics that will push you too hard on a sale. A good technician should always suggest what he or she thinks is best for you and in the end, listen to you and allow you to choose what suits you best.

Sometimes, you have to listen to your mechanic. However, if you don’t feel that whatever he recommends isn’t best for your car, find another one.

5. Establish a relationship

Once you find an auto mechanic that meets your requirements, it is good always to seek their help when necessary. Though it could take a little bit longer to get an appointment, it will always pay up. Establishing a lasting relationship with the mechanic means your car will be handled by an expert.