How does Vroomerz work?

Vroomerz is the first online platform in the world that allows you to rent exclusive cars in Europe, within minutes and in just a few clicks. Visit, choose the dates when you want to rent an exclusive car, the pick-up and return places, and Vroomerz will show you all available cars at the exact dates and locations that you have chosen. For an even more detailed research, it is possible to select the brand or model for the exclusive car you want to rent.

Exactly, how does Vroomerz work? Inside the platform, there are several providers assigned to different parts of Europe, providing different brands and models of exclusive cars to meet your needs.

On Vroomerz you can rent exclusive cars choosing from saloons, convertibles, SUVs, sports cars and minivans from various brands of excellence in the automotive industry such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, Porsche and many others.

The advantage of renting an exclusive car on Vroomerz is not only the option of choosing the car you prefer by checking it with real photos, but also eliminating any unnecessary waiting times. Renting an exclusive online car on Vroomerz also allows you to compare different models and brands of exclusive cars and get a quote on your chosen car in real time.

Another advantage of opting to rent an exclusive car with Vroomerz is the possibility have the vehicle delivered or dropped off where you prefer: at a hotel, railway station, airport or any other address you indicated at the time of booking.

The system is simple, but above all, it is fast. Choose the car you prefer to satisfy any need, from a business trip to a family vacation or even a special occasion.

Vroomerz is a certified and verified platform so you have no worries regarding online payments and you can even cancel the booking up to 72 hours before the rental.