Extreme Mobile Living: Garbage Trucks to Luxury Campers

Right from the times of the old era, mankind had a never dying love for luxury. The kings, the queens and all the royals certainly loved being lavish more than anything else.

However, one of our hobbies is travelling. Most of us prefer travelling over anything else and this is exactly where your home on wheel comes in the picture. A perfect amalgamation of luxury and wandering on the path unknown.

Postmodern era definitely blessed us with a number of inventions. Freedoms to connect wherever and whenever freedom to move and create a whole new meaning to loving free is one of them. One of the greatest creations of the era is where the living spaces are combined with transportation. The blend of urban surroundings as per the individual or an over the top luxury experience, we have surely come a long way here.

If you have a sheer wanderlust for life, you may consider this home on wheels as your companion. People around the globe are spending millions on modification of these used garbage trucks and dramatically changing them into amazing homes.

While it completely looks like an old garbage truck, there is more to it. You would be astonished to see the space it has that could be converted into – a self-sufficient living space with bedroom, bathroom, office, lounge and more! It accommodates a sink, sofa, stairs and so on and even space to start your motorbike. This ain’t just another travelling vehicle rather a home on wheels.

The off-road luxury living vehicle is the next big thing that we are welcoming. It may look like a strange vehicle to you but its utility surpasses everything. A converted mobile is what we call it. The designs are alluring with top-of-the-line beds, bathrooms, kitchens and storage space and can travel on rough terrain. If you are a wanderer by heart, certainly this is exactly you are secretly wishing for. Even though it looks like a garbage truck yet it has perfectly crafted as an urbanised home for a free living.

You would be surprised to know the enormous number of changes you can do to its interiors. While the outside shape remains to be fixed, you can make 180-degree changes inside. Right from creating plush lounges equipped with sound systems to well-equipped workspaces, the possibilities are endless.

There is no mistaking this 2.5 million dollars mobile home for anything but the luxury liner of the portable housing. The entire sports can easily slide in the undercarriage while the interior resembles the look of the cockpit or a part of the spaceship.

A lot of us are opting for this option as it provides them with the facility to move freely taking their luxury by their side as they travel.