Bring Your Child Up in the Fast Lane

Do you enjoy the feeling of driving down the open road at high speed?  Is there something elemental about feeling the wind in your hair and hearing the engine hum as you pass commuters, trucks and buses going to local destinations?  Parenthood doesn’t have to be the end of all your driving pleasure.  Get a quality child seat from Babies”R”Us then you can be assured of the safety of your child as they ride along with you on your drive.  You know the importance of quality seats – infants in most states can’t leave the hospital until there is one properly installed in the car for the ride home.  But you should be prepared to adjust the size and type of seat used for the baby as they grow.

You may think that a high-performance vehicle isn’t a place for a baby or infant to be riding along.  Yet what could be a more thrilling – or bonding – experience than sharing a ride with one’s child and family?  While you should never think of risking the safety and security of your children, you might let them experience some of that same thrill you enjoy when driving.  A well-designed and safe children’s seat strapped into your vehicle can give your child the chance to have that experience.  And what a great memory you will have of the first time your child enjoyed sailing down an open road with you behind the wheel.  Being safely and securely fastened in a car seat purchased from Babies”R”Us will enable them to enjoy the experience to the fullest.  By purchasing that seat with a Groupon promo code you will make an investment that will be within your income range while you are confident of its quality.

Use their “On The Go Baby Gear Guide” and “Car Seat Comparison Tool” to determine what the best type of baby travel equipment will meet your child’s specific needs.  Then use a Groupon coupon or promo code to purchase the item(s) you select so you can fully equip your vehicle to carry its most important passenger (other than the parents)!  And get going so that youngster can enjoy the thrills of open road travel!