A Plate Thief is Lurking About

One of the craziest things happened to me and my car that I didn’t expect. I parked my car at a friend’s place because I wanted to hang out with him. After a few hours, I came back outside to see that the plate on my car had been stolen. The car hadn’t been broken into, and nothing else was stolen from it, only the plate. It was the strangest crime that we had ever seen. I had to get a new plate from https://www.theplateman.net/replacement-number-plates/, because there was probably no chance that I would find the old one.

After talking to the police about my missing plate, they told me that some other people had called in about their plates being missing too. Apparently someone was going around stealing plates for some reason that no one could figure out. One officer guessed that it was because the person had a mental problem and was just stealing the plates because of the disorder. Another guesses that they stole plates because they were easy to carry and they could be melted down for scrap metal. Whatever the reason, I hoped that they would be able to find out who did it.

A little bit after my plate was stolen, I placed an order for a new one and it came. After putting it on, I was a bit reluctant to visit my friend. If the same person who took my plate was still roaming around, there was a chance that they could take my new plate, and I would have to order a new one. I didn’t want that to happen, so the next time he asked me if I wanted to hang out, I told him to come over to my place. There was no way the plate thief would hitch a ride with him.