Two Larger SUVs That Have a Lot to Offer to Families

Some families are happy with small, fuel-efficient cars, but those that are starting to grow often find that it makes excellent sense to think bigger. A sport utility vehicle, or SUV, of a certain size can make life a lot easier, with the best of them today also consuming surprisingly little fuel. In addition to affording a confidence- and safety-enhancing vantage point from which to navigate traffic, a large SUV can help the members of a growing family stretch out in ways that make transportation more pleasant. The best review for a car suited to a family of a certain size today will therefore often be one that focuses on a vehicle in this class.

A few models do stand out above the others at the moment, as well. The Kia Sorrento, for instance, has attracted a great deal of praise for delivering a good deal of interior space at a price point that budget-conscious buyers can live with. Equipped with a thoroughly modern diesel engine that is both responsive and pleasant to rely on, the Sorrento comes stock with seven seats and plenty of room between them. While the Sorrento is not necessarily designed to tow heavy loads or excel at off-road excursions, it stands as the kind of well-rounded value that many families will appreciate.

Another highly regarded SUV of the larger sort at the present time is the Mazda CX-9. Once again, reviewers have praised the value proposition the CX-9 represents, particularly the many advanced safety features that come standard. Given that many family-equipped SUV buyers rank safety highest among all their priorities, the CX-9 has a great deal to offer in even its most basic form.

The CX-9 also stands out by being a somewhat more nimble vehicle than might be expected, given its size. While plenty roomy within, the CX-9 sits atop a platform that enables handling of a level found in relatively few larger SUV models. As a result, the Mazda CX-9 can be even more fun to drive than many family-focused vehicles of other makes would be, making for a nice bonus for those who might appreciate it. Between options like these and a number of others, buyers looking into large SUVs today have some excellent choices to investigate.