This is the excess of car exhaust that you should know

As the exhaust gas channel of combustion or exhaust also has an effect on engine power. Because of that, this car component has an important meaning.

In fact, so important not a few car owners who tried to replace it with exhaust creations workshop or exhaust manufacturers. Only, not a few who feel disappointed. The reason after the exhaust was replaced by the car power is not more Smoothly precisely the opposite, became sluggish.

“The design and type of exhaust used is not appropriate,” said someone , owner of some exhaust, , West Chicago, Tuesday, June 7, 2011. According to him, the exhaust is good design will provide the right back pressure. As a result, the combustion process in the engine combustion chamber will get a continuous intake of air in the optimal amount. The result, the power produced more perfect. For more information you can visit rv repair litchfield park . Only, not infrequently the exhaust design also resulted in wasteful car fuel.
So what to consider before replacing the exhaust for great power but not wasteful of fuel? Here are tips from Revelation:

1. Choose the ideal size
Common exhaust pipe size options available on the market are 3 inches, 3.5 inches, and 4inci. You should consult with an exhaust expert by asking for a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages when using the size of each option. Because the diameter of the pipe is very influential on the exhaust gas driven. Therefore, choosing the size of the pipe is very difficult to fit, the calculation of the combination between the location of the engine, the intake manifold, the carburetor or the entry point of the fuel must be carefully calculated. Do not forget to adjust the header, resonator, and muffler with the size of the pipe. As much as possible choose a pipe with a good curve and rounded so that the rest of the flue gas can flow smoothly. “But it is not free flowing or free flow without obstruction,” said Revelation.

2. Make sure the header configuration and pipe design
The header is a gas exhaust channel from the engine block. On a four-cylinder header engine and six-cylinder six-piece engine. Header configurations are generally 4-2-1 or 4-. This means the exhaust gases from the engine block are channeled to four channels, then two channels, and empties into one channel. While 4 – 1, means the residual gas combustion is channeled to four channels and directly empties into one channel. If you want to replace the factory default exhaust with exhaust products of other manufacturers. Make sure, the configuration and design of holes and pipe indentation is absolutely right. So aside from not causing wasteful car fuel, also boost power. The reason is, the more fluid gas burning wasted the more power will be. Vice versa. “If proper power can increase 5 – 10 percent of the initial energy,” said Revelation.

3. Adjust the type of car transmission
If your car uses a manual transmission then look at some things carefully from the header, resonator, until the muffler. Make sure the size, connection, and component design are correct. Because, on a manual transmission car, even times change the position of the gear and the gas pedal stepped on the same time gas bursts from the engine block increased. Gas flow that requires proper management in order to give effect back pressure into the combustion chamber as well as wasted regularly. Meanwhile, if your car is automatic transmission, the requirements are quite simple. Simply replace the configured header 4-2-1 with the right design plus the diameter of the pipe that is not too big.

Because, if the diameter of the pipe is too large as well as the free flow exhaust. “For the automatic transmission car, this type of exhaust actually makes more extravagant,” said Revelation.
Therefore if you will install the racing exhaust should also setting the machine in accordance with the exhaust that will be replaced. Once again the racing exhaust does not damage depending on the setting. And the standard engine would have to be edited to match the racing exhaust .

For example the machine usually lasts 10 years with standard circumstances. Surely different age if nonstandard machine.  sold side street for an average of 800.000.blank exhaust that does not bear and do not cost because damaged due to exhaust, for example HKS Thailand. So info from me, hopefully useful.