The secret of the magic tapping in Indonesia

During this time the assumption that there is in the general public about Tap magic is mystical, related to witchcraft. In fact, the original did not smell anything unseen. Ketok magic itself is only based on the ability of someone to fix the body of a car dented with his skills using a simple tool.
The advantages of this special repair shop body is its ability to fix with a slick though in a short time. Often, the workmanship should not be seen by customers so that the mystical element is getting thicker in the minds of consumers.

According to Nahrowi, one of the owner of a specialist workshop on Ketut magic PH Supri located on Kalibata Street, No 20, Cawang 3, East Jakarta, the society assumes that the magic Tap contains a mystical element and the magic is not true. Because, in fact only a person’s ability to repair the car body.
“There is absolutely no magic-magic, even the process can be seen directly by the owner of the car and we do not cover-up,” said the man from Blitar. There are other ways than to use magic tapping, you can see on body shop casa grande


The same thing was also revealed by one of his employees named Joyo. He said, the name of the magic ketok itself is just a common name that is often expressed by people of Jakarta and surrounding areas. Because, according to him, the original name itself is a teter tile or can also be called Tap.
“Expertise like this originally from Blitar, East Java, and there called the tether tile or tether tap. If in Jakarta called by that name is certainly a lot of people who do not know, so called ketok magic, “said Joyo. The rush of new cars, with affordable prices by the middle to bottom community, making traffic in big cities, especially for Jakarta increasingly chaotic and stuck can not be avoided anymore.


Conditions like this that often make the vehicle, especially four wheels, susceptible to friction-friction. Not a bit of friction it causes scratches. In fact, the car body dented due to a collision, either intentionally or unintentionally.

For those who have a new car, must be extra careful, if his favorite car does not want to scratch and dent. To repair the damage, the driver of the car must pay a lot of money, depending on how much damage to be repaired.

One alternative to repair a dented car part is to use a magic ketok service. Services like this are very much in demand to fix the body car that there are blisters and dents.

From our search, the designation for self-taping magic is a vehicle body repair workshop, whereas magic has nothing to do with magic but more on special skill forms. For the work of ketok magic, takes a relatively fast and the results are more neat.

tap magic own original name ‘knock knock’ which was triggered by grandfather Tutur around the year 1962 in Blitar, East Java. grandfather Blitar people known not arrogant and not stingy to provide knowledge for people who want to learn.


Joyo continued, because talking about the expertise of the tools used to repair the damaged or damaged car body is quite simple, such as hammer, wire, and welding.
“The rest is no other tool. So, we maximize the tool with our ability. The longer, it will be more tidy, “said the man who has 27 years wrestle ngok magic effort.
Well, now you no longer assume that the magic ketok smells mystical or mystical. Because, in fact, the process is only drawn and knocked-knock.