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What You Should Know About Epoxy Coatings

For many years, epoxy floorings have been in use in the building and construction industry. The coatings are usually used in garage floors for their durability and aesthetics. However, the coatings can also be used in various other places. If you are looking to replace your floor with epoxy coatings, you should have an idea of how they are installed, their maintenance and which areas they are best suited for. Below is an overview of epoxy flooring coatings.

Resins determine the quality of epoxy coatings
Epoxy resins are the main compounds used to make formulations such as primers, top-coats, and sealants. The durability of epoxy flooring coatings are determined by the resins used to make them, Epoxy flooring coatings that have resins are water-proof, fire-resistance and damage-resistance. The coatings made from resins are great for floor finishes.

Various types of floors can be epoxy-coated.
The type of flooring you will want for your garage will determine the specific coatings that will be used. Consider the substrate used to make the epoxy coating you are looking to use. Epoxy floor coatings can be used for various types of surfaces including, steel and concrete.
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Epoxy resin is not easily penetrable
The molecules of epoxy resins are cross-linked. As a result, they are not easily penetrable. The particles that make up resin are Epichlorohydrin and Bisphenol A. When these two are exposed to amines and react, they produce cross-linked epoxies. The reaction makes the epoxy flooring coatings to be resistant to intrusion by various agents such as air, water and chemicals. This characteristic is especially important for concrete surface of corrosion-prone surfaces.
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Epoxy performance can be increased
Combining epoxy surfaces with other materials can increase their performance. Sulfides, aliphatic and amine are a few of the materials that can be combined with epoxy surfaces to increase performance. When amine is used with epoxy, the resulting flooring surfaces get a glossy look, cures faster and get better adhesion. Alkyds and acrylics are the other materials that can be used together with epoxy coatings for better performance.

Protect the floor with epoxy coatings
Heavy-dusty floors can be protected by using epoxy coatings. The resistance of the floors to different kinds of damages make them suitable for use in protecting heavy-duty floors. You can use epoxy coatings to protect any floors that are prone to getting damaged by water or various chemicals. Manufacturing plants, airplane hangars, heavy machinery garages and warehouse floors are a few of the areas where epoxy flooring coatings are used.

You can use epoxy flooring coatings to protect your floor that is usually exposed to different agents. The above is an overview of epoxy flooring coatings.