SOHC DOHC difference vs OHV And Excess Should Know

What Difference Engine OHC, SOHC and DOHC – Maybe you’ve heard the word “DOHC”. Yes, the word is already very familiar to our ears. Often referred to in advertisements and reviews which mainly refers to the term kitchen runway vehicles. Thus, “DOHC” is often defined as the machine with the best technology. But, what is the machine “DOHC” it? And why so popular?

Explanation DOHC engine:


DOHC Dual Overhead or Camshat means the engine, each cylinder has two camshafts that control valves. For inline engine (almost all 4-cylinder) having a first cylinder of this line means having two camshafts. For the V-style engine (V6, V8, V10) has 4 camshaft, because every head gets double camshaft. Because it has two camshafts per head, then each camshaft is dedicated only to the intake valves or exhaust valves. Unable to both. Therefore, they can be located just above the valve. It is This is what makes the difference between a non DOHC DOHC engine. Because the DOHC engine camshaft position directly above the valve, it no longer requires a rocker arm and thus has fewer moving parts. So, dohc engine can rev higher when compared to other machines because valvetrain DOHC engine has less inertia. DOHC engine alleviate the implementation of performance multivalve, because tdak require hardware rocker arms and other support to each valve, till allowed to breathe easier and more efficient engines. for more information you can visit auto repair surprise


Disadvantages of DOHC engine:


is the engine of this type are very large and the cost is more expensive pembuatanyya. Moreover, by having 4 camshafts certainly makes this engine takes up more space in terms of plot engine under the hood of the car when compared to other machines. DOHC engine thus give the impression of a “full”. Examples of this DOHC engine can take a look at the engine generation starting from Great corolla Corolla which takes up more space than the Honda Civic Genio engine that still bears SOHC. Another example for a DOHC engine cars, for example, Honda CVR 2.4, Luxio Daihatsu, Ford Fiesta, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and the Nissan March.

After speaking about DOHC engine, now admin will discuss SOHC engine. Is SOHC engine? And if different with DOHC engine?


Explanation SOHC engine:


SOHC or abbreviation of single overhead camshaft engine is similar to a DOHC engine. The difference SOHC and DOHC engine lies in the number of the camshaft. SOHC engine only has one camshaft per head. So, one camshaft for the engine camshaft inline and 2 for V-style engine. This SOHC engine certainly has its pluses and minuses. Plus side, SOHC engine requires a small engine room due to the amount of cams less when compared with the DOHC engine. The minus side, SOHC engine requires additional tools to translate any movement of the camshaft valve because it is not possible to install the camshaft directly above both the intake and exhaust valves. This enhancement adds valvetrain inertia. In addition, SOHC engine also requires timing chain or timing belt length.

Examples of SOHC engine can be seen on Genio Civic cars, Honda Jazz, Honda CVR 2.0, the Honda Freed, Toyota Corolla DX, Suzuki APV.


Explanation OHV engine

OHV engine or Overhead Valve / Pushrod is a machine that contradicts the DOHC engine. OHV engine made with simple, light weight, and lack of spare parts are expensive. Machines of this type have only one camshaft, regardless of the configuration. With the exception of the variants turbo diesel engine which is inline-six, almost all OHV engine has a camshaft that places in the midst of the engine. The camshaft is located between the two cylinders and valves account with long metal rods called pushrods. This leads to several effects:

  • OHV engine does not have a camshaft and rocker arm only has so much simpler machines;
  • It only takes a small engine room;
  • OHV engine can not rev as high as other designs for added pushrod valvetrain inertia;
  • OHV engine has a timing chain that is permanent.

OHV engine types have cheap maintenance costs have fortunately this type of machine has been widely abandoned by the manufacturer. Because this type of small engine capacity and power generated small to. However, the fact is that large capacity engine is also able to defeat the power of other engine types. Proven types OHV engine designed under the year 2010 is still able to survive in the top 5 rankings as devastating powered cars of all time.