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What Are Immigration Bail Bonds and How Do They Work? Supposed someone close to you has been detained or arrested by authorities due to some kind of immigration issue, the most valuable help you can provide is get an immigration bond, which by definition is the thing that will enable the person to be release from customer until his or her due appearance in court. But be reminded though that not everyone will be given the opportunity to be entitled to use immigration bonds are there are requirements to be met. If you’re in the U.S., know that it is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that is given the mandate to arrest foreign nationals who in one way or another have violated a rule in the country’s immigration policy. Part of this agency’s job is to release that person based on personal recognizance, and if this is the case, there no longer is a need for an immigration bond. But for the most part, it makes complete sense to just have a good look at what options you have since it is likely that a bond amount will be required. Generally speaking, immigration bonds are classified into two types. The first type is called delivery bond, the second is voluntary departure bond.
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Definition of Delivery Bond
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This delivery bond is made available as an option to an illegal immigrant based on the determination of either the immigration judge or the ICE. The conditions over which a detainee can be released using a delivery bond include that of having to receive an arrest warrant as well as notice of custody conditions courtesy of the ICE. The intention of handing this option out to an illegal immigrant is to make sure that he or she will show up during the court hearings. For the detainee, he or she needs to avail of it so that he or she can use the time to establish a good defense. What’s a Voluntary Departure Bond? How About a Voluntary Departure Bond? There are very specific instances when a detainee is given the opportunity to leave the country in a particular time period. However, they would have to pay a departure bond to the ICE, which in turn will be refunded the moment that person has officially left the country in the required period. But keep in mind that if the person does not leave the country in that specified date, the bond will be forfeited. Determining the Costs The cost or amount of the bond to be paid is to be determined either by the immigration judge or the ICE. There are several factors to be considered when determining the cost, and this includes the person’s employment status, the existence of relatives and family in the U.S., and if there is any record of criminal history. Finally, immigration bond can be paid in either surety or cash.