Car Damage

It is not unlikely to happen if you are someone who has a car to mess around with scratches that occur in the body of your car. In addition to reducing the car’s good looks, the scratches would also reduce the value of sales of the iron rail. Meanwhile, to improve the workshop to paint would require much cost what more if the car you have a luxury class car.For more information, you can visit collision repair Phoenix.

Actually you yourself can Eliminating Scratches Light On Cat Bodi your car without bringing it to a repair shop, the equipment was not difficult, you prepare Cloth Soft (Eg Cotton), Paint matching with the body of your car, and a compound white useful to balance between paint scratches original paint. Here are a few tips that I can give:

1. If the car body scratches fairly light use white compound that can be found in a car repair shop. Use a soft cloth to rub the scratched portion and then let a moment rather spreads can be quite fused then rub with a clean cloth until the scratches fade and disappear.

2. If the surface of the body paint peeling scratched up and looked putty, did closure mentioned scratches with paint matching the car’s paint, use a soft brush. Allow it to dry for a moment rubbing behavior back part of your teah earlier paint with yellow compound and lap up the same color as the car body.

3. Then, if the car body paint scratches are severe, do cleaning in part and scratched with sandpaper with caution until clear, and then rubbing the car body is visible iron with anti-rust material that does not rust. Once dry add a putty or primer and wait until dry, then you can paint with colors that match the car body, let it dry and continue applying a white compound then rub with a soft cloth until the color matching the car body. Keep after this stage, parts of which have been painted earlier kept clean and protected from dust before polishing material added to restore the luster to the car body are scratched earlier.

Bumper Repair Damaged Cars

The bumper is the front of the car vulnerable to damage, either from scratch or damaged because of a torn. If the bumper is only damaged by scratches then simply in the compound or repainted, it would be better if brought to a special workshop paint or authorized repair shop.
While the problem bumper was torn, whether it can be repaired or must be replaced with a new one? To answer that question, this time Master Automotive discuss specific articles disarm from independent sources. According to Erwin Santoso as the management and also the brother workshop owners paint and car body repair Rafe Auto in Depok, West Java, he said that all the bumper cars were damaged by tear can actually be repaired.

And How to Fix Torn Bumper Cars?

According to Erwin, according to him how to fix a torn bumper cars is to use wire stitched and patched wear flat plate, but with a note that the bumper was damaged car bumper with a plastic base material. And of course, this process should be done by removing the bumper car beforehand. Nothing could be done with the condition bumper still attached to the car.

While the process is the same as sewing stitch it did in general. The necessary tools ie wire. The trick is pitted first bumper car to be sewn, and then paste it rips before using a wire. This technique is similar to how glue something by using a stapler, of course, my friend had never used a stapler dong ?. Then flatten the rest of the wire that arise on the bumper of a car by heating. Later it will be a flat wire.
Is there Another Way To Fix Torn Bumper Cars?

If the above seemed to own and complicated, try this one way, another way to repair a torn bumper cars is to use a flat plate, plate constituted in accordance with the stapler. “Lali planting flat plate that had been heated in advance and then planted in a car bumper.

Slabs are used try that is not thick, it is intended that the slab is more malleable, and also a hot screwdriver which serves to close the gap on the bumper. In this condition is not shaped solid bumper cars, now the gap is closed by using molten plastic bumper itself.

Up to this step, see the bumper still ugly, to the plate after the splicing process is completed, the next step is smoothing the surface of the bumper.